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Jet Fans


The Jetfan is the ideal solution for heightened safety in underground car parks and underpasses. Choose the ultimate system for safer and more aesthetic underground constructions.

The Jetfan can be used for partial smoke extraction or ventilation
The flexible positioning of the Jetfan makes sure there are no areas where air does not circulate
The Jetfan makes expensive, large-scale duct systems unnecessary
Fresh air fans can become superfluous if there is a free flow of new air
The flexible fans can be adapted to cater for a change in the use of space
The Jetfan is available as an affordable standard version or as the Jetfan premium with a high-end design
Then Jetfan is available in two sizes and as a reversible fan
Pole-changing motors offer greater ventilation flexibility
Non-corrosive materials guarantee a long life
Integrated silencers for quieter permanent ventilation (approved for up to +40 °C)
Nicotra Gebhardt offers the complete system solution:
Jetfan pulse fans for smoke extraction up to a maximum of 300 °C for 120 min
Jetfan pulse fans for ventilation of CO-gases up to 40 °C
axial or radial shaft fans and roof fans
switchgear cabinets with or without CO warning systems or SPS control
complete system sensors
right the way through to commissioning and official approval

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