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About Us

Our History

As an alumni of Electrical Engineering Faculty, Mr. Ir. Lukas Hadisurja started his career as supervisor at a leading property company. In 1988, he then started with basic trading, marketing, and import in various leading and multi-national companies and was then involved in ventilation projects for various high-rise buildings since 1992.

With his extensive experience, in 1995 Mr. Lukas initiated his own company under the name of PT Simtex Mechatronic Indojaya (PT SMI), supplying total ventilation system for HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) for high-rise buildings such as, apartments, malls, hotels, shopping centers, and office ad industrial buildings.

In incorporating PT SMI, Mr. Lukas partnered with Mr. Eric Siauw, having a portofolio in distribution business background and an alumni of Civil Engineering faculty.

The philosophy behind the name PT SMI implies the following meaning: “Simply Technology Expert Mechatronics” based on the following premise: “How engineering can be made simple in its utilization and can manifested in real life.”


“Indojaya”, on the other hand, stands for Triumphant Indonesia, meaning a national company contributing to the development of Indonesia.

In its development, PT SMI expanded its HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) business sector by acquirng the support of various leading and reliable HVAC product partners as authorized sole agent. Starting from a general trading company, PT SMI continued to develop its business and investment.

Now many companies in various industries have used HVAC products from PT Simtex Mechatronic Indojaya, as testament of confidence in PT SMI’s performance. PT SMI has also received ISO 9001:2015 as proof or our quality management system.



Apabila terjadi permasalahan dalam hal noise dan kapasitas


fan, tim engineering PT Simtex dapat dan cepat mengatasi


permasalahan tersebut dengan baik

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