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RDM 56/57

Smoke Extract

RDM 56/57

The genovent is a smoke extraction solution that offers a whole host of technical advantages over the competition along with maximum safety and incredible value for money:

Both ranges have CE certification
During smoke extraction, the RDM 56 conveys media up to a maximum of 400 °C for 120 min. and the RDM 57 up to a maximum of 600 °C for 120 min.
The attractively designed, self-enclosed casing made of non-corrosive aluminium is a striking addition to any roof
The powerful add-on motors are separated from the airflow and cooled by the outside air
The blades on the back of the impellers also support the motor cooling
The outlet flap which comes as standard stops rain and snow from getting in and prevents heat loss. This protection from freezing means the fan can be mounted anywhere, even above unheated rooms. Normal fans without outlet flaps can only be fitted above heated rooms

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